this was a project running the better part of two eventful, life-changing years. to those who supported us along the way: thank you. we'll never forget the support, we'll never forget everything you've done for us, and we'll see you again.

as described at the time, it was both a business and labor of love, created by julia and chris as a way to shine a light on the artistry of american craftsmanship; from the hardworking people collecting salt crystals on the pacific coast to woodworkers in the the rocky mountains and artisans making handmade bitters in dixie.

often, it also facilitated collaborations with the people met along the way, and gave us a platform to continue to create, inspire, and push the envelope.

it began after brief conversation online, and two quick meetings in person later, the car was packed, our first move happened, and an unexpected journey began that included a lifetime’s worth of events; including highs, a few very low lows, moves together to all corners of the country, and trips to 44 states in between.

in that time, one car became two, one dog became two, briefly, the dollars in our bank account became two, and we lived one of the memorable stories we've ever heard.

c&j was our nod to their work and a chance to work with the best in the business to shine a light on the best products, artisans, & makers on the planet.

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